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Our Story.

Dr. Susan Moses is a chiropractor in private practice for thirty years in the city of Philadelphia. Based on the experience with her employees and patients alike, she has observed medical professionals freezing in the winter and soaked on rainy days. As a person who loves fashion and has made clothing in the past, she couldn’t understand why scrubs were so poorly constructed. However, with two small children to raise and a busy practice to run, the idea remained just that: an idea. At the time, ‘fashionable scrub’ was still completely non-existent.

Those small children, Derek and Devyn, have grown up to become two very talented, intelligent, and driven individuals. Together, they have helped to make this idea become reality. Derek was entering his last semester at The College of New Jersey looking for something outside of the normal curriculum in pursuit of his B.S. in Interdisciplinary Business. With the guidance of his professors, Derek initiated an independent study and created a business plan for the launch of a scrub company. This was the catalyst for what would eventually become DEMED.

After working through the brunt of the background research as well as constructing the first prototype, the Moses family realized that they were on to something special. Derek has focused on the operations portion of the business and began working for a local manufacturing contracting company, creating an invaluable alliance. Devyn, who received her B.S. in business management from Philadelphia University and Susan concentrated on the design aspect. Fabric technology in the industry has improved drastically and fashionable scrubs are now a product that people are looking to buy. However, we believe it hasn’t reached its full potential just yet. Until now…

Welcome to DEMED. The designer medical apparel that the industry has so desperately needed. We have been working for over three years to bring a truly revolutionary product to
the market. Our manufacturing facility is in Philadelphia which allows us to have our hands on all aspects of the business and ensure delivery of the highest quality product. DEMED is excited and honored to serve those who run our healthcare industry and we know that you
will never want to wear another scrub again!

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