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The Nursing Guide | Designer Scrubs Are Bringing Beauty to the Bedside

It’s a well-known fact that today most nurses wear scrubs, but some may be unaware of the evolution of nursing professional attire. In the 1800s nurses wore uniforms that consisted of an all-white dress with a white hat. These outfits were a derivative of the uniforms worn by nuns, as most nurses were nuns back then. The outfits were not only a symbol of purity, but also a representation of cleanliness, and sanitation. The white dresses eventually became an identity for the nursing profession.


Scrubs were first worn by surgeons in the 1970s. The name “scrub” was adopted because the surgeons wore these garments while they “scrubbed” themselves, prior to performing surgeries. Infection control was a growing concern which continued as modern medicine evolved.  It became evident that healthcare workers needed to wear clothing to protect themselves and limit the transfer of microorganisms.

Nurses began wearing scrubs in the 1990s, and scrubs are now worn across all healthcare disciplines both in and out of the hospital setting.


So where does this leave the nursing uniform industry today? A new movement is taking place as millennials enter the healthcare workforce. Gone are the days of the plain, stiff, and uncomfortable scrubs. With the long work hours and physical duties required by nurses, the desire to both look and feel good has become extremely important. Designer scrubs are now taking over.


One uniform company in particular is leading the pack with their trendy scrubs. DEMED Scrubs manufactures and sells uniforms made from high-end materials. Featuring unique properties such as moisture wicked interior, elastic waist, and wrinkle free fabric, these scrubs not only look fashionable, but offer a level of comfort that is unparalleled to other brands. The scrubs are also sweat and water resistant allowing them to repel stains and spills. With a style similar to athletic apparel, their durability  accommodates any level of activity.

Here are what nurses are saying about DEMED Scrubs:

“I’ve owned many scrubs throughout the years being a nurse. These are by far my favorite pair I’ve owned! They’re not only comfortable, but stylish. I’ve received quite a few compliments while wearing them! The material is amazing! All liquids roll right off. I recently became a visiting nurse and it’s nice on days when it rains that I’m able to run in and out of patients’ houses and still be completely dry. Definitely worth every penny”! – Shirley Thompson, DEMED customer

Written by Salimah Jones of The Nursing Guide


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